Bioinformatician by Training

Data Scientist, Design Enthusiast, and Musician by Heart

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Tax and Law Technology and Transformation

Currently, I'm applying my knowledge and experience in data analysis, machine learning, software architecture and human-computer interaction in the digital transformation of tax and law departments.
Feel free to watch the video interview to learn more about what we do and offer.
These are interesting times.
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"Global review 2017: Dirk Tassilo Wassen, a Senior Data Scientist in our Tax Service Line, talks about how he is applying his studies to his work at EY, as well as the new technology his team is using to help solve some of our clients’ biggest challenges."
- EY Global in September 2017

What have I been doing?
Brain-computer Interfaces!

So I've been studying B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses in Bioinformatics at the University of Tübingen, Germany as well as the University of Oslo Norway.
The syllabus included a mathematics, which I enjoy, software architecture, programming, data science and algorithms. My specialization was in Neuroscience, since the brain has fascinated me ever since. During the course of my studies, I found my way towards data analysis using machine learning, especially physiological data of humans.
I've always been curious to if there is an alternative to boring human-computer interaction by mouse or keyboard. Turns out there is. Brain-computer interfaces are communication systems in which the brain's output pathways or muscles are not passed.
Continuing this journey, I explored the possibility to classify affective states in brain signals to augment brain-computer interface. This exploration and work has led to Ph.D. in Computer Science which I received from the University of Tübingen in 2016.

Figure 1: Basic design of a brain-computer interface after Wolpaw et al. (2002). Physiologial data is acquired from the user, processed, meaningful features extracted, translated, and device commands are sent as output. The user receives feedback of this output.

There is a short

Some time ago, I wrote an article for a local student magazine which gives undergrads the possibility to show other students or the general readership what their research is. Following that article, I was asked to do a short documentary about brain-computer interfaces and my M.Sc. work. You can watch it here. If you are interested in reading the German article, follow this link.

Figure 2: Me explaining the experimental procedure to a participant. - Campus TV in June 2012

I continued my

In August 2012, I've started a PhD in Computer Science with an emphasis on applied machine learning and physiological data analysis. I put together some wrapper functions for MATLAB® that do binary support vector machine classification. The code can be found at my github repository.

Figure 3: Overview of a support vector machine classifier.

Besides Computer Science
I Enjoy Music

I'm a passionate drummer and piano player with experience in teaching drumming and musical improvisation. I've played in multiple bands of various genres.

Figure 4: Logo of musical improvisation project Bazaar.

... and Record it

Where I practice the drums, I also have the opportunity to record them or a whole band.

Figure 5: Record studio logo.

I'm Inspired by
Nature, Art, and Design

Thanks to bootstrap and their starter pack, this website has been built. I like typography and logo or website design, I created all the logos displayed on this page of my own projects. This page features the goole font raleway.
I shot the header photo at Oslo, Norway.